Coaching Couples To Build 

Marriages That Last.


We Help You Start Marriage Right!

Build A Marriage That Lasts.

Understanding Love, Will Give You Clarity.



Understanding the "Root" Cause of Conflict, Will Give You Peace.



Understanding Intimacy, Will Bind Your Hearts Together Forever. 



Divorce is a word nobody

wants to talk about. 

Ask a person about their childhood and it usually starts with. "My Parents were divorced when I was....''   If this is your story you never want to feel that pain again.  You never want your children to experience the chaos divorce created in your life.


At Before i Do we make it our duty to eliminate divorce in your life.  We want you to have much more than lifelong commitment.  We want love, joy and happiness to be the norm not just some hoped for dream.


    "All Men Want is Sex" (In reality what men want goes much deeper than sex)  


    Will I Marry The Wrong Person? Our proven coaching system will give you the clarity you can trust!


    "He/She Makes Me So Mad"  (Until you take responsibility for your own emotions your life is out of your control)


    Love Never Fails!  Relationships end because people stop loving, not because love fails.


    Do you really think you can ignore  "Red Flags"?  (Learn how to have those tough conversations or live in fear)


    The truth is: Divorce hurts everyone it touches!ve



A Clear Path Forward.

Stop Fighting and Start Solving Problems.

Why Sex is The Most Important Part of Marriage.

before i do



  • Book a strategy call with me. 
  • Take the assessment.
  • High Performance Coaching


    • Assessment
    • 12 Sessions - 1 each week for 12 weeks.
    • 3 Follow-up Sessions - 1 every 3 months for 9 months
    • Each week will be an in-depth look at one section of the assessment.
    • In-depth look at your specific needs as a couple.  
    • In-depth look at the framework on how to resolve conflict. 
    • In-depth look at the power and beauty of sexuality



Troy was a pleasure to work with  and was able to break down each facet of our relationship with relative ease and offer sound counsel and guidance.  Above all, each session was Christ-centered and the quality of each session was phenomenal!  I highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely go back for some "refresher" sessions."

Alberto & Raquel

We want to say thank you for continuing to help us in our marriage and helping us to push our boundaries and never settle for anything but the best.     

Kyle & Kelsey

After working with Troy, our relationship has continued to deepen.  We're more honest with each other.  We openly share what's on our minds; both joys and our concerns. Our Self-assurance has increased. We truly are each others best friend. It doesn't matter what the activity, we're just happy to be together. Working with Troy definitely launched us into the beginning of a happy and fulfilled marriage!


Tim & Mindi

19 Things


Couple Should Know About Love!

At Before i do we help you avoid the pain of divorce by starting Marriage right with a proven coaching system that works!

At Before i do we know you want to be in a lifelong happy marriage.  In order to do that you need the desire to learn and the right information.


The problem is people you trust may have let you down and things have happened in which you had no control.  You feel afraid, insecure and you worry you won't be able to figure it all out.  We believe we can help you.  Love can thrive and last. Divorce is not inevitable.  We understand relationships are hard.  You want someone who really sees you, listens to you and understands the unique personality and talents you have together as a couple. 


For 31 years I have been teaching, coaching and driven by the success of my students, players and clients.  Here is how we do it: 


Step 1.  Schedule a free call with me. 

Step 2.  During our call, we create a customized plan moving forward. 

Step 3.  Purchase the package that works best for you. 


Schedule a free call with me so you can stop fear, frustration and that deep down feeling that divorce could happen to you.  Instead you can have a happy marriage and life-long growing love for each other.  You can be secure that no matter the issues you will work as teammates to conquer anything. 


You can have that rare connection, a deep inner desire to be closer to each other.  Sex that not only curls your toes and leaves you breathless but deepens your soul and fills your heart with deep lasting love.  You are "one" and you can't imagine a world without each other!

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